When I think back at my life growing up in Arkansas and Texas I never really heard the words diet or nutrition. People ate what they wanted and worked hard. I had two sets of great grandparents who were married 70 years and lived to be in their 90's. But today we are a world that is spreading chemicals on everything, super size the food and quit when things get tough including exercise, eating habits, work and marriage.

There are times when I wish we could bring back 'the old days'. But instead I try to make today better. No pill will make me live longer. In fact there is no guarantee my heart will beat tomorrow. But I have all the tools I need to change to make a healthier day. The more I think about it, it looks very similar to  "those old days." 



Summer is here! School is out! Vacation time!!

I'm amazed at this year how many people have tried so many different ways to lose weight and get that "perfect body". Today we have ready made meals delivered to you, fitness facilities on every corner, expensive workout clothes, high priced water and all kinds of supplements. Yet we are some of the unhappiest and unhealthiest people. If you don't fall into that category, you're probably not doing anything at all.

Really try to look back at your day and see did you eat fruit, veggies (more raw), good proteins and carbs, lots of water, got at least 30 minutes of exercise, prayed/meditated and avoided sweets, late night snacks. Don't do what's "cool", do what's best for YOU.

Enjoy your summer, family and friends. Take some time for you so that you can give to them.


I see some of the most incredible things in life in some of the unlikeliest places and times.

I once went on a mission trip to Guatemala and while I was there one day on my break I wanted to paint the schools old rusted swing set in this remote village. As I was half way done painting, a little girl asked me why was I doing that? She said, "it was already beautiful to me."

Every time we compare our life, our material things, our body, our finances to others, we will be disappointed, let down, depressed and even exhausted. 

Take your energy and see just how blessed we are and then there is no telling what you might see growing in some areas that the world see's as dirt. 

Well this is the time of year where people fall off (85%) of their new year resolutions or realize they never started. I feel so many people do to much to soon and either get hurt or burn out. It's time to look at taking care of our body (temple) in a different way. Forget the quick fix, make forever healthy habits. Take it one day at a time. Don't focus everything on counting every single calorie, fat gram, carb etc... You also don't need to workout seven days a week! Change to eat clean, lots of water, active lifestyle, love not hate others, get good sleep, volunteer your time, give financially, work smart not long hours and laugh at yourself. 


May this be the year that you are more happier, at peace and in a much healthier place that the future looks better than it ever has! Here's to 2017! 

Bill Crutchfield


Happy Anniversary Crutch Camp!

Wow! Not only is it almost 2017 but the new year marks my 10th year teaching boot camp! When I began in 2007 I wasn't sure it would work but I gave it a shot, thanks to my wife pushing and supporting me. Leah got five of her fellow songwriters to join and the word quickly spread. We were at Centennial Park all year, even in the 100 degree weather to 12 degrees! We had all kinds of interesting people come up and watch. From homeless to buses of kids touring the Parthenon. Through all of it so many people got introduced to outdoor group classes and really got the bug! I've enjoyed all of it and the awesome people I have met and how they continue their journey to be healthy!

Along these past 10 years you have been apart of this ride. Happy Anniversary and Happy New Year!

God Bless,

Bill Crutchfield

I heard a speaker once say that "you don't learn in success. It just feels good." But during the hard times is really where we learn everything. It's sometimes hard to see when we are in the middle of the storm.

We will always have those days, months or seasons. Maybe next time we can all remember to give thanks. When we are back in that tough time we will hopefully remember something we learned from the last time. Becoming stronger will help us pull out of the valley a lot quicker instead of staying there.

Being thankful is more than receiving. It's choosing to see all of life and what it has to offer every day.

Thank you for being a part of Crutch Camp through all the seasons!

God Bless, Bill.

Your New Life Begins Today

It is sad to see our society, especially in the media, continually telling us we are not healthy unless we have "six pack abs". Listen, I know a lot of people who are in awesome shape and have "love handles" that wouldn't be put on a cover of a magazine. Yet I also know people with low body fat and are very unhealthy. 

Being "in shape" is having a balance of foods, exercise, social and family life, volunteering, praying, working, laughing, loving, giving and taking.

I'm sorry if someone told you that you need to lose weight or anything negative about your body. Don't listen to that anymore! Your new life begins today!

Stop Complaining!

We have to be very careful how we talk about exercising and nutrition around our kids. Even when we are not speaking directly to them, they do hear and pick up a lot. If we speak as if exercise is a bad thing then they are not going to want to do it. Today our kids are 65% obese. That has to stop!! 

Show your kids the enjoyment of running, biking, swimming, hiking, skiing, rollerblading etc...



I find it funny how people will work hard at their jobs, in the yard, running errands and try to complete their "lists". But when it comes to working out I hear " it hurts, its to much work, I'm sweating!" People nothing is easy. You have to want it and understand it will hurt (for a little while), you will sweat and be out of breath and it is a lot of work. But it is well worth the benefits of a long healthy life. You can do it. Make it a priority. 


Running has been a part of my life since I was 12 years old. Ive ran in hundreds of races 1 mile to marathons, with a few triathlons and a 24 hour relay thrown in. It is something that challenges me heart strong, clears my head and is an incredible quiet time with God.

Several years ago I "thought" a break from running would be good. Only to find myself eventually not able to bend over and put my pants on due to two herniated disc and arthritis. I had that for a long time but being in good shape kept it protected.

Running now was not an option and I feared something I would never do again. I fell into a quiet depression and was in a place I had never been.

Earlier this year I realized this "funk" I was in had to stop but it seemed so far away or even unattainable to reach. Through prayer from my family, friends and myself along with strengthing my core, stretching and discipline I made it back to at least no pain and more importantly RUNNING! I am blessed to get to do something I love. Thank you God, my wife, family and friends.

Happy Thanksgiving! We all have so much to be thankful for!




No stopping!!

Everything has some kind of challenge or its too easy. Which usually you get bored with. Exercise and our health are no exception. You have to set goals, drive through pain, work hard and know that certain days just "suck" and thats ok. Don't let people or yourself tell you that your worthless or failure. Keep going and surround yourself with positive people. Fill your mind up with quotes of motivation. Post them everywhere. You CAN do it!


I am so tired of the industry I am in promising you any results you want, strive for "six pack abs" or just that perfect body that they show of someone who has either taken something or they have cropped the picture to make it look unflawed! Really! No trainer can promise you anything but heart healthier, cardio better, feel better and have more strength. Do you know what you would have to do to even make that your goal? Life is too short! Be healthy, be happy and enjoy!!

Give it up!

If you have read my other blogs I am a firm believer that you don't have to give up anything completly unless it controls you. But the only thing I strongly recommend letting go is are diet colas and real colas or pops, whatever you want to call them. There is nothing positive about them and all they do is cause problems. If the carbonation is what you need, just get a sparkling water and 100% juice. Then you have an all natural drink without all the crap! Even the sugar is natural which will be better on your body. Enjoy!


Simple middle not so simple!

I am amazed at how many people are "all or nothing". A lot of this world does not know moderation. I have found myself at times right there doing the same thing. The challenge is to recognize it and learn the middle game. But that looks different for everyone. Some, who have addicted behaviors, can not comprehend this philosophy. If we could only grasp a little can go a long way.

If you can not control it, it will control you.

Not so Happy Holiday?

This is the time of year where a lot of people panic on presents, finances, parties, work, taxes etc... They also seem to think "I will start me exercise routine back up in January." That is the worst thing they can do. Look I know its stressful and busy. But this is where you need it the most! Even if it's just 30 minutes every other day. Release stress, enjoy party food and have clear mind to make clear shopping decisions. Don't wait, do it now!



One Shot

So many people live there life never satisfied. This is the only body we get. You can get tucked, trimmed, medicated, lifted and painted but it really doesn't change. Why not feed our bodies with "healthy" foods, water and be active. We seem to take it lightly and then are suprised when we get sick.

We only get ONE shot at this! Take care of yourself before everyone else has to.

Don't Dread It

Exercise is suppose to be enjoyed not hated. Sure as humans we are going to have days where we don't feel like working out or eating healthy. That will always come up. How we view it and what we do with it is another story. It's summer. Try new things. Ever done stand up paddling, gone hiking, horse back riding, rollar skating, canoeing, etc...? You never know sitting there thinking about it.

GO do it! Enjoy the summer and stay healthy!