Happy Anniversary Crutch Camp!

Wow! Not only is it almost 2017 but the new year marks my 10th year teaching boot camp! When I began in 2007 I wasn't sure it would work but I gave it a shot, thanks to my wife pushing and supporting me. Leah got five of her fellow songwriters to join and the word quickly spread. We were at Centennial Park all year, even in the 100 degree weather to 12 degrees! We had all kinds of interesting people come up and watch. From homeless to buses of kids touring the Parthenon. Through all of it so many people got introduced to outdoor group classes and really got the bug! I've enjoyed all of it and the awesome people I have met and how they continue their journey to be healthy!

Along these past 10 years you have been apart of this ride. Happy Anniversary and Happy New Year!

God Bless,

Bill Crutchfield