Brooke Boling

One Shot

So many people live there life never satisfied. This is the only body we get. You can get tucked, trimmed, medicated, lifted and painted but it really doesn't change. Why not feed our bodies with "healthy" foods, water and be active. We seem to take it lightly and then are suprised when we get sick.

We only get ONE shot at this! Take care of yourself before everyone else has to.

Don't Dread It

Exercise is suppose to be enjoyed not hated. Sure as humans we are going to have days where we don't feel like working out or eating healthy. That will always come up. How we view it and what we do with it is another story. It's summer. Try new things. Ever done stand up paddling, gone hiking, horse back riding, rollar skating, canoeing, etc...? You never know sitting there thinking about it.

GO do it! Enjoy the summer and stay healthy!

Don't Look At Me

This past Saturday I took my boys to watch some of the Country Music Marathon. Having done 4 marathons and many other races over 30 plus years, watching I was amazed at how different looking we really are. We come in all shapes, sizes, colors, body language etc... Yet every one in that race had one thing in mind and that's finish this thing.

Truly take what has been given to you, your body, and make it the best you can. Except it, feed it, water it, exercise it and love it!